Kelly vs. Box Jumps

by: Kelly Leighton
January 23, 2013

I’m somewhat of a klutz. An accident waiting to happen, it’s been said.

from www.crossfit717.comIt all started when I was two years old. Trying to grab a container of sprinkles my mom hid from me, I reached a little too far over a stairwell banister and flipped myself over the railing, landing on a hard, unfinished basement floor. It’s been a lifetime of bruises, scrapes, blood and Band-Aids since.

I’m the type of person who falls over my own two feet. I trip up stairs, I trip down stairs. I’ve face-planted while running more times than I can count. I once crashed my bike after getting tangled in someone’s dog leash and landed in poison ivy. I think you get the idea. I’m just not very coordinated. Most of the time, I feel as though my brain and limbs aren’t even connected, as if my arms and legs have a mind – and a stubborn one at that – of their own.

Due to this, I have a tendency to be overly cautious when it comes to any sort of fitness- related exercise that involves coordination. I quickly realized that most team sports, such as baseball, dodgeball, kickball, etc. just aren’t for me. I’ve given up on trying to jump rope, I just get tangled in it. However, one movement that I managed to put my fears aside and conquer – or so I thought – was the box jump.

It took a lot of practice for me to able to get this movement down. I had such a fear of falling that I would mentally freak myself out and ultimately fail. But, after weeks of trying and trying, I finally managed to get the movement down pretty easily. What once scared me, I now embraced. This was fun!

However, something went wrong when I was practicing them on Monday. I don’t know if I was sloppy, or careless or what happened really. All I know is that I was seven box jumps in when my shin made contact with the sharp corner of the box. I’ve heard people say they “saw stars” in moments of pain, but it never had happened to me before. Until now. Trust me, I saw stars. I gritted my teeth so I didn’t make too much of a scene. I looked down to survey the damage and oh my god, THERE IS SO MUCH BLOOD. OHHHH I THINK I SEE MY BONE. Yes, this was deep. Blood was gushing from the wound.  After applying pressure (and leaving quite the bloody trail), and cleaning the wound, I realized I probably needed stitches.

Luckily, my boyfriend was with me and he took me, whimpering about stitches and needles and pain, to the nearest ER. Two hours, eight stitches and one tetanus shot later, I was free to go. After the Novocaine set in, I couldn’t feel anything, but I also couldn’t bear to watch my skin being sewn together. Honestly, I think my biggest disappointment was that I didn’t get to finish my workout.

The doctor cleared me to do any sort of physical activity, just warning me to clean the wound and look for signs of infection. “And maybe avoid trying to jump over boxes or whatever it is that you were doing. Don’t want to see you back here too soon.”

Ah. Duly noted.

Have you ever had a fitness-related injury?

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10 thoughts on “Kelly vs. Box Jumps

  1. Cara on said:

    Thank you for Kelly vs. Boxjumps. I am sitting her with 7 stitches in my shin from missing the box a week ago. It was my biggest CrossFit fear and thinking about it, it was destined to happen too. In my case, I was attempting to go to a higher goal, did 3 practice jumps all went fine. The WOD started and on my first attempt, I hesitated mid air and came crashing down. I had to laugh when Kelly said her biggest disappointment was that she didn’t get to finish her workout. I can relate. I said, why couldn’t this happen at the END of the WOD?!? The Urgent Care center I went to was fantastic and they stitched and cleaned me up in no time. Even though the next 2 days I was in some pain, I managed it, even played a round of golf (riding in a cart of course!). I thought I would be back at the gym the in a few days. Well, it as now been 9 days and I haven’t yet gone back because my leg hurts every day and mostly all day. Just running a few errands then requires me to sit and elevate my leg for about an hour. I’m getting very frustrated. I don’t know if I am doing too much but basically I am working (at a desk) and just doing normal life stuff….no crazy activity but my leg is aching. There is no infection and am on an antibiotic to be sure. Stitches come out in 3 days and I am going back to the gym no matter what. I may need a few modifications but I feel that I need to push through this. I am interested in how Kelly is doing and if she has returned to her workout routine since her injury was about a week before mine. She says she was cleared to workout so I would love to know how it is going and what she is experiencing. Oh, I have made an executive decision – no more box jumps for me. I know that doesn’t sound very “hard core” and probably whimpy but not risking going through this ever again. I think I can continue to stay/get in better shape with everything else CrossFit has to offer! Thanks again for sharing Kelly!

    • kelly on said:

      Hi Cara,
      My injury was on my shin, and it really didn’t bother me. In fact, I went running that afternoon with no pain! Hoping you heal quickly!!!

      • Cara on said:

        Wow, Impressive — and inspiring!

        • Kelly on said:

          Haha, I just got lucky, all things considered :

  2. Neige on said:

    This happened to me Wednesday – we were trying to see our max height for box jumps
    I cleared 30″ once& on the second try my right leg didn’t make it
    It hurt
    HURT so much I wanted to vomit!!!!

  3. Charlotte on said:

    I have just recently started crossfit and never had an issue with box jumps, in fact really like them as it is usually a part of my workout that I can bang out quite quickly. Unfortunately I got overconfident and was rushing and took a tumble, ended up with a pretty huge gash in my leg and twelve stitches. No blood, which is apparently not a great thing as it means it is super deep. But I have sat out a week and need to get back into some activity without stretching my stitches.

    I don’t suppose anyone has any recommendations of some exercises that they did to slowly ease back without putting too much strain on the shin?

    • Kelly on said:

      Hi Charlotte
      Sorry to hear you also had an unfortunate accident with box jumps.
      I was lucky enough to have the wound stitched up nicely and was cleared to exercise that day. Needless to say, I avoided box jumps for quite some time.
      Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

      • Lee on said:

        I’m icing my shin right now from my battle with the 24″ box jumps from today’s noon WOD. I’ve always done fine with these, but today we were doing “one- legged” box jumps. It wasn’t that difficult, but I somehow got tripped up and Wham!!! Bloody shin and strained my wrist from catching myself. Good luck, guys and Crossfit on!

  4. Michell C Gregory on said:

    I did the same on box jumps. I was bummed it happened at the beginning of the WOD. I cleaned it the put butterfly bandaids. It was so swollen. I am a nurse and flight attendant so I am on my feet all the time. It looks a little better but hurts all the time, hard to sleep. I worked out anyway because it hurts regardless. I just row instead of any high impact. I am going to star taking kefflex today more preventative in case there is an infection. I am going on 8 days and it hurts just as much if not more now. Good luck!

    • Kelly on said:

      Thanks! This actually happened last January, so I’m all cleared up, except for a scar. Hope you feel better soon!

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