Sleepovers for Grownups

by: Tierney Pomone
January 25, 2013

Remember when we were kids and we would get together with our girls on a Friday night to paint our nails, braid each other’s hair, and watch Boy Meets World? We stayed up too late and then whispered in the dark when someone’s parents made us go to bed. We giggled when someone admitted to having a crush.

sleeping overWhy should all of that important bonding be gone just because we’re now adults?  Well, in my circle, it’s not. Meet the grownup sleepover – ladies night to the max! Are you overdue for some time with the girls? Here’s how my friends and I have hosted the best sleepovers ever:

Now that we’re grown ups, one of the best parts of sleeping over is the drinks. Whether it’s wine, beer, or some fun girly drinks, knowing that you’re staying over allows you to imbibe freely since you won’t be driving. This also allows you to relive a little bit of those college days with some fun drinking games. My girl Sam and I even decided to do an 80s themed power hour just because we could.

So what else does one do during a sleepover? 

Watch movies of course! We treated ourselves to the grown-up version of TGIF – a Sex and the City marathon. During these get-togethers we have also watched Love Actually (quite possibly the best chick-flick ever), Roman Holiday (a classic with Audrey Hepburn) and had a few other classic rom-coms on hand just in case.


Another important part of the sleepover is the grub. When we were kids, we were pumped that mom let us order a pizza and drink soda all night. Now that we’re older, ordering pizza is no longer a reward, but a last resort after a long day. We usually opt for the pot luck approach at our gatherings. Cheese, fresh fruit and veggies, and chips with gauc are usually on the snack list as well as a few splurge items like chicken wing dip and maybe some brownies.

cake martini

The most important part of all however is getting to spend time with your friends. Most of the time even I put my phone out of reach for a few hours and spend some quality time with my ladies. Inside jokes will be formed, many laughs will be had, plus, after a glass of wine or two and a few episodes of SATC, you’ll never know what conversations may happen!

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One thought on “Sleepovers for Grownups

  1. LisaC on said:

    I’m in my 40’s and married and my girlfriends and I still do sleepovers several times a year! Most fun ever!

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