“Best of the Best” Running Playlist

by: Kelly Leighton
February 6, 2013

Last year, I wrote about running with or without music. Runners are passionate on their view of the topic — to this day, it remains the most commented-on post I’ve written for SaraBozich.com.

from spotifyAs I mentioned last year, I am a runner who uses music as motivation. Since writing that post, I have experimented with running without music, and while I’m able to do it, I prefer to have a soundtrack on my runs. I think part of the reason I prefer music is because I’ve always run with it. I never participated in track or cross country in high school or college, where iPods and the like are banned, so my runs have always involved headphones.

That being said, I very easily get sick of my music. My running mix has more than 200 songs on it, and I usually just put it on shuffle and go. However, I often find myself disliking some of the songs and will spend half a mile hitting skip.

When I’m not running, my favorite music comes from several whiny men (Bright Eyes, Jarrod Gorbel, Damien Rice and the like), but when I run, some of the music I listen to I would otherwise classify as, “pretty terrible”.  However, there is something about a rap beat, or some nu-metal screaming that keeps me moving.

To give myself some additional motivation during a tough run, I created a “best of the best” running mix. I keep it around 20 songs and change it constantly. I try to save it for when I really need it — or for races — so I don’t get too sick of it.

I’m always looking for new music to add to my running playlist, so I thought I’d share with you my current top playlist, in hopes that you will share what’s on your workout playlist.

Kelly’s “Best of the Best” Running Playlist

 What’s on your workout playlist?

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