Hanging out with Celebrities in Harrisburg

by: Tierney Pomone
July 12, 2013

After reading a recent article about what beers the author would drink with different celebrities, I began to wonder about what beers I would recommend to celebrities.

Then, I got lost in daydream land about what it would be like to hang out with some of my favorite celebrities for the day – where we would go, what I would want to show them about Harrisburg and what they need to try locally. So, with the hopes that they’ll see this and totally want to come here and chill with me, here’s my plan.

dave matthews live

Let’s say, for the day, I get to hang out with Dave Matthews. With the concert coming up this weekend that doesn’t seem too far-fetched, does it? Well, knowing that Dave Matthews has a passion for wine and has his own winery as well as a big fan of Starr Hill Brewing, is there any other option than The Vineyard/Brewery at Hershey?

I imagine we would talk about his life in South Africa, what it’s like to see the world, and his inspiration for song writing as we sit on their new deck and enjoy the outdoors. What would I recommend he drink? For wine, I’d tell him to grab their Firefly, as it’s my favorite of their red wine offerings. As far as beer goes, it would have to be the Watermelon Wheat that I sampled at their announcement party. Yes, it isn’t officially on the docket yet, but I’m sure they’ll let me pull a string for Mr. Dave Matthews himself.

Next, I’m going to hang out with Sarah Jessica Parker. We have lots to talk about – from motherhood, to her time with Sex & The City, to what it’s like to be married to Matthew Broderick. I’m making a large assumption that she would want to enjoy a few good cocktails beyond her Cosmo days.

While many places around Harrisburg can make a good cocktail, I see someone like SJP hanging out at Level 2. Here we’ll sip away at our French Sparkles (Chambord, mango puree and champagne) while people-watching and maybe even do a little dancing. Here’s hoping my purple Guess stilettos are up to par!

Then, I’m hanging out with Amy Schumer. Ever since I first saw her standup I’ve wanted to hang out with her. She seems like such a cool, down-to-earth chick who would be up for anything. Plus, she’s hilarious! We’re going to chat about and make fun of all of our dating and relationship mishaps, what it’s like to be a comedienne, and I’ll try to get some good stories about other celebrities she’s met.

Since I’m treating her like one of my girls because we’re instant besties, we’re going to McGrath’s. I’d recommend the Moscow Mule of course, as it’s a quintessential beverage at McGrath’s. We’d probably split some Irish Nachos too while we’re there because I feel like we’d have more than a few of those mules.

Tierney and Dave Grohl

A girl can dream

Finally, with apologies to my boyfriend, I’m going on a date with Dave Grohl. First, we’re going to dinner at Federal Taphouse. We’ll split a duck confit pizza and chat about his days with Nirvana and what it was like to know Kurt Cobain. Here I’ll show off my craft beer knowledge and recommend he enjoy a local favorite like Troegs Perpetual IPA or a DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus.

Then, we’re off to the Abbey Bar for a show of course! Hopefully J. Roddy Walston and the Business are playing so we can rock out while enjoying their Susquehanna Stout or my favorite concoction of Captain Morgan and ABC birch beer.

After that we’ll end the night at Shady McGrady’s playing pool, chatting about life on the road, and me showing off more beer knowledge by recommending one of their “deep track” beers like Southern Tier Plum Noir or Weyerbacher Heresy.

Where would you take your favorite celebrity around Harrisburg?

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  1. Ed G on said:

    Back off Dave Grohl…I saw him first!

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