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by: Kelly Leighton
September 18, 2013

I find it hard to believe I have been living in Harrisburg for five years now. When I arrived here, a fresh college graduate just about to turn 23, I never ever in a million years thought I’d call this place home. I didn’t know anyone here, and I missed my friends and family terribly. But over the past few years, I’ve found my place and here I am, four apartments and three jobs later.

That being said, over the past half-decade, there are so many aspects of Harrisburg that I’ve come to love and truly appreciate. Here are my local favorites.


Wildwood Park– The 5K loop around the lake is one of my favorites and my go-to running route when I need a break from my beloved Riverfront Park route. I love the quietness of the trail, and the hills provide a nice challenge. I completed my first 10-mile run ever here with my friend Steve, and to this day remains one of my favorite memories. We were so proud of ourselves for making it through 10 miles. Part of the Harrisburg Marathon goes through the park, and since I consider that one of the best days of my life, this park holds a lot of special meaning for me. And now, I think I’ve convinced myself to go for a run there this weekend!

Farmers market grub

Farmers market grub

West Shore Farmers Market – We’re lucky to have an abundance of farmers’ markets in the area, but the West Shore Farmers Market is my favorite. On any given Saturday, the place is bustling with vendors and shoppers, and sometimes it’s hard to even get a parking spot. I think the West Shore is my favorite one because of the variety of vendors, as well as the reasonable prices for produce. Shopping there definitely helps keep my grocery bills down.


Home 231– Home 231 is my favorite place to go for cocktails with the girls. They have a superb happy hour, with all their specialty cocktails only costing $5. I love the different types of drinks they offer and appreciate that they change with the seasons. I adored the watermelon mojito this summer — I certainly had my fair share of those. What makes Home 231 unique is their dedication to supporting local farmers, a cause I clearly support.

Troegs with mom

Troegs Brewing Co. – Now located in Hershey, not Harrisburg, but close enough for me. I know it’s a travesty, but I don’t really like beer. However, Troegs has a few brews I actually like (Dreamweaver Wheat, for one). I really like the atmosphere here, it’s so laid-back and relaxing. I’ve been to my fair share of breweries in Pennsylvania and when I visited Vermont, but Troegs’ spacious barroom and tasty fries (seriously the best I ever had!) has me returning more than I’d expect. I even took my parents along when they were visiting in January.

What are some of your local favorites?

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