September is National Yoga Month

by: Kelly Leighton
September 4, 2013

September is a month of change. The weather gets colder as summer finally turns to fall, football games begin, kids go back to school and pumpkin everything returns.

Check out a preview of all the big September festivals and events. 

It’s also National Yoga Month. We all know yoga is good for us and we *should* do it. Especially those of us who tend to beat the crap out of bodies with running, cycling, swimming, or whatever gets you through the day. Yoga offers a chance to stretch and strengthen your body.


For me, yoga tends to fall by the wayside — I know I need to do it, just like I need to do things like stretching, ice baths, foam rolling and so forth, but I often choose to run another mile instead of taking time to work on my downward dog.

But in honor of National Yoga Month, perhaps it’s time to change our yoga routine. Regardless of your yoga status, use this month to adjust it for the better. In fact, through September, studios around the country are offering a week of free practice to new students. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to do yoga, or perhaps you give yoga the side-eye, and would rather not, but here is your chance to try it for free. What’s free these days anyway?

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Even if you’re already a dedicated yogi, step up your game by challenging yourself to try a new studio, or add an additional day of practice to your week. This site is a great resource for finding studios near you. If you’re brand-new to yoga, don’t be scared or intimated. Remember everyone was new once, and also most people are to involved in their own practice to be judging or mocking you. It also helps to bring a friend! Way back when my boyfriend was trying to impress me, we went to a yoga class together, and it was one of my favorite dates.

For those who aren’t quite ready to embrace studio yoga, try it at home by yourself. There are countless DVD options, OnDemand choices, and podcasts to choose from. However, I encourage everyone to give it a try at a local studio.  A DVD can’t correct your form, or tell you if you’re doing a move right or encourage you to push farther into a pose.

I admit when I do talk myself into doing some yoga, I usually resort to a DVD, but this month, I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying  another studio class – or classes! While I’ve attended before, they are generally out of my budget, and also well, I’d rather run.

But in honor of National Yoga Month, I am challenging myself to stop making excuses and use resources available to me. We have so many wonderfully-rated local studios, so let’s try it. I have to be good at something other than child’s pose. I think.

How are you celebrating National Yoga Month?

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