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by: Sara Bozich
December 29, 2013

Taking time off is weird, but no weirder than these mid-week holidays, I suppose.

We extended our Christmas with a visit to my in-laws in Elk County, where we had the world’s longest dinner, stayed out at the bar later than we ever do here, slept in, then ate piles of French toast and bacon and watched our nieces run around with all of their new gifts, made fudge, played Monopoly (video game version, extra lame) and today, we’ll take our dog for a long hike in the woods, weather permitting.


Tip: St. Marys, Pa. has, like, four bars. The best by far is Gunners, and it has a surprisingly decent beer list. Everyone is drinking the home beer, Straub, or something terrible like Busch Light, so you can grab something from their bottle list, which featured “The Mad Elf Ale,” Southern Tier, Bourbon County, St. Bernardus & more.


Your extra hot tip? They have local craft on tap from North Country Brewing Co., (Slippery Rock). Featured this season is the Buck Snort Stout, which frankly was quite good – nice and dry. And only $3.


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