Start brewing! Charity homebrew contest April 13

by: Tierney Pomone
January 17, 2014

What do craft beer, charity, homebrewing and you have in common?

This spring, the answer is a homebrewing competition hosted by The Brewery at Hershey. Get your carboys cleaned and your ideas flowing as this unique opportunity to show off your brews approaches. Whether you’ve never brewed before or are a seasoned homebrew king or queen, this is a chance to share your creation among supportive peers.


Many professional brewers started their careers first as homebrewers. In fact, the next time you visit Troegs Brewing Co., stop into the General Store and check out the Trogner brothers’ first homebrew system, which is on display along the wall. Other local homebrewer-turned-professional brewer success stories include The Brewery at Hershey, Liquid Hero Brewery and Alter Ego Brewing.

While most people who brew at home do it for their own personal enjoyment or to save money, it’s always fun to compete for bragging rights. There are a handful of other homebrew competitions that go on throughout the year (you can learn more here), but this new event at The Brewery at Hershey combines this growing hobby to benefit a good cause.

The Brewin’ up a Cure! homebrew contest is slated for April 13 at The Brewery at Hershey and will benefit the American Cancer Society.


The competition guidelines are somewhat lax in comparison to others I’ve entered, however, as always with an event like this, the main goal is to showcase your handcrafted creations. The bonus is the opportunity to receive acknowledgement and feedback from your fellow homebrewers, craft beer enthusiasts and experts. Plus, who wouldn’t want to boast their award-winning brews?

The rundown: The event runs from 1-4 p.m. Entry fees are $20 for attendees and $10 to enter the contest. Proceeds will be donated to Mac’s Mixed Nuts Relay for Life Team, benefiting the American Cancer Society.

I’m looking forward to entering this year’s version of my birthday beer, Saison 27, which I’ll be writing about in a few weeks. I think you should enter, too.

Whether your New Year’s resolutions included trying new things, saving money, doing something fun, stepping out of your comfort zone or drinking more beer — the best part is that making a beer at home is easy, fun and relatively inexpensive. Plus, in the end you get beer!

Looking to get started? Stop by your local homebrew store like Scotzin Brothers in Lemoyne, Lancaster Homebrew, Bailee’s Homebrew (formerly Mr. Steve’s), or even Breski Beverage to get some tips and supplies. Remember – most brews take at least a month from start to finish, so plan accordingly. If I can do it, so can you, so get out there and get brewing!

To enter and for more information, email

6 thoughts on “Start brewing! Charity homebrew contest April 13

  1. Jay W. on said:

    I see my feet in a picture!

  2. Macs Mixed Nuts on said:

    Thanks Tierney (and Sarah) for spreading the word and for a great article! We intentionally kept this year’s first incarnation of this competition simple to try to encourage more entries . Please consider entering, it should be a lot of fun! The end result is for a good cause.

  3. Amber DeGrace on said:

    You mention that the guidelines are lax – are there any I need to know? I’m going to brew one to enter if my time allows.

  4. Macs Mixed Nuts on said:

    Sure, you need to brew at least a 5 Gallon Batch and be present, or have someone present, throughout the event to serve your beer as this is also a Homebrewfest for the public to come try all the different brews. They will get to vote for their favorite(s) as well as have official judging. Also, a $10 donation is required to enter which goes to the American Cancer Society. Please email for an entry form and complete rules.

  5. Jason Deeds on said:

    Kirsten and I will be there. We have three beer entries we are working on. 🙂

  6. Brian on said:

    This is a nice way to get brewers helping to raise money.

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