5 Indoor Ideas for Winter Fun

by: Kelly Leighton
January 29, 2014

With even me on the treadmill, you know the weather is just too darn cold. That being sad, I’m having a hard time venturing outside for much of anything, so a night out on the town just isn’t in the cards. I’m far from becoming a hermit though. I’ve been trying to plan fun activities that don’t involve me wearing multiple layers.

Here’s how I’ve been keeping up with friends:

1. Work it out — Okay, you do have to venture out to get to the gym, but then you get to be nice and cozy inside. And who couldn’t stand to shed a few pounds still leftover from the holidays? My friends and I jokingly refer to it as “social hour,” but every Tuesday evening, a group of us meets at the Y for Body Pump class, with a side of gossip of course. I also make treadmill and spinning dates as well. It’s always better to have someone by your side, especially so you can complain how hard it is at the time, but how great you feel after.


2. Board game nights — You guys all know how much I love board games. It’s such a cheap but fun way to spend an evening. Crack up a bottle of wine and get playing. Cards Against Humanity still hasn’t gotten old.  And what about those thousand-piece puzzles? That could keep you entertained for hours.

sweet potato pie crust

Sweet Potato Pie Crust Pizza

3. Cook — Find a new recipe and try it out. Everyone can either bring their new concoction to a meetup, or you can do the cooking together. On Saturday, we turned up the Pandora, poured the wine and made a sweet potato crust for pizza. It as so, so delicious and I can’t wait to make it again. It’s a little less indulgent than eating half a pie from Palumbo’s.

4. Get crafty — Browse Pinterest or one of the millions of DIY blogs and find an activity for everyone, whether it be clothing, decor or whatever floats your bloat. Just don’t compare yours to the Martha Stewart of the group. I’m always the one with a finished project that belongs on Pinterest Fail.

5. Pairings — Wine and cheese? Beer and girl scout cookies? Have everyone bring a beverage of choice, along with a food of choice, and voila! Instant party with delicious snacks an beverages.

How are you surviving the cold?

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One thought on “5 Indoor Ideas for Winter Fun

  1. Cindy Kalinoski on said:

    Surviving the cold in the steam room at the JCC in York. Editing my summer photos and taking new ones of the awesome snow. Glad to see your blog so active, and thanks for the tip about the free chef demo at the Hotel Hershey this month.

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