“Earn your brew” at the Jersey Mike Run

by: Tierney Pomone
April 4, 2014

While you all know that I am not an athlete, but rather far from it, I will be running/walking the Jersey Mike Rock + Run 5K on April 19. While this event has personal connection for me, it was created both to help heal hearts and encourage a more healthful lifestyle.

photo by Dani Fresh

Kelly, Sara & Tierney at last year’s race.

Though you may not guess so at first, the craft beer community is quite connected to running. A couple years ago, Kelly wrote about hashing (which is actually a bit more drinking than running), but there are a ton of races that tie-in beer in their big post-parties, including the Harrisburg Mile and the Surf ‘n Santa 10 Miler Sara and Kelly did a few years ago.

There also are scientific benefits to beer drinking, and it’s considered by some to be a good recovery beverage (or to others, carbo-loading!).

Over the years, more and more breweries have gotten involved in 5K charity runs, not necessarily as an acknowledgment of our beer keg bellies, but as an encouragement to be healthy.

Dogfish Head hosts their Dogfish Dash each fall, and this year Troegs launched (and immediately sold out) its first race. They also are sponsoring a trail run in Millersburg this fall.

It should come as no surprise that local breweries are so excited and willing to get involved with the Jersey Mike Rock + Run 5K. Last year’s inaugural race featured a unique collection of brewers who all ran: Al Kominski of Al’s of Hampden ran (it was his first 5K!), as did Artie Tayofa of Appalachian Brewing Co. and Chris Trogner of Troegs. 

photo by Dani Fresh

This year, Al’s of Hampden stepped in as platinum sponsor of the event (FREE samples after the race!). Alter Ego Brewing Co. also is a sponsor, and Troegs has donated prizes for the after party.

Even local beer bars like McGrath’s, the Abbey Bar, Ceoltas and The Sturges Speakeasy have joined in the cause, hosting sign-up nights and making their own contributions. Ceoltas Irish Pub also is host to the rock’n roll after party, which is a can’t-miss part of this event.

Recently, I’ve begun a personal campaign to “earn my brew,” so to speak. My friends at Hey Brewtiful started the idea actually by setting the standard at something I can contend with: 6 miles a week. While this isn’t full-on 5K status, I’m feeling great walking on my breaks at work and with the warmer weather walking around downtown. I am pleased to announce that according to my pedometer, RunKeeper, and the treadmills at work, I have legitimately achieved my 6 miles as of Wednesday night and it took little to no effort other than the mindset to do it.

I’m not here to lecture you to be healthy, or to go run, or to change who you are. For me, it’s not about being the thinnest or fittest or running faster than the rest. It’s about knowing that I can do do something like a 5K and that I can do it while enjoying craft beer with the former benefiting from the latter.

The Jersey Mike Rock + Run 5K is just two weeks away. Join me, Sara, Al from Al’s of Hampden, Theo & Brandalynn from Alter Ego Brewing Co. and many more for a great event for an even better cause.

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2 thoughts on ““Earn your brew” at the Jersey Mike Run

  1. BANG on said:

    “hashing (which is actually a bit more drinking than running)”
    Hashing is what you want it to be. As is anything in life. You can drink more than you run; you can run more than you drink; you can not drink at all. No one is holding a gun to your head. Hashers are just notorious for having an inordinate amount of fun doing everything they do (drinking, running, not drinking, not running), and just to clarify, drinking is not a prerequisite for having fun — although glitter may be 🙂 There are no hashes scheduled in Harrisburg for April 19, so maybe some hashers will join in the fun at the 5k. On on! BANG

    • Sara Bozich on said:

      Thanks, BANG! Hope to see some hashers there! It’ll be a good time and a great party afterwards.

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