Esthetician Tara Miller brings new services to Moxy

by: Sara Bozich
June 3, 2014

It had been quite some time since I had a facial (two days before my wedding to be exact), and with summer on its way (meaning more sweating, less makeup wearing) my skin was in desperate need of attention, so I was thrilled when Tara Miller reached out to me about her new position at Moxy.


I hadn’t before noticed Moxy, tucked along N. 21st in Camp Hill (just north of Market St.), though one of my good friends goes there regularly for nearly all of her beauty needs.

Tara recently joined the company as esthetician, bringing with her new services now available at the Camp Hill-based day spa, including:

  • Moxy Customized Facials
  • Eye Rejuvenation and Foot Therapy Treatment
  • Foot and Lower Leg Massage
  • Therapeutic Anti-Stress Back Facial
  • Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting & Shaping
  • Waxing Services

I opted for a facial and upgraded the experience by adding the foot and lower leg massage, as well.

Treatment Experience

Tara begins all facials with a skin analysis before cleansing with a Clarisonic. Following this, she does a Kansa wand massage — a facial massage using a tool resembling a pestle. This is done with blended oils to help pull toxins out of the skin — but it also is an instant stress reliever. You don’t realize how much stress you store in your face until someone is pressing on it.

Next, she applies an enzyme peel with “facial ozone steam,” which tingles a little but in the way that makes you feel like magic is happening to your skin. I always imagine those enzymes eating away all that old, dead skin we don’t realize is there.

An exfoliation cleanse follows, then extractions if needed. Finally, a treatment mask is applied. For me, Tara used one designed for hydrating and healing. She also applied hot stones to my upper back and an herbal eye pillow to help me further relax — and maximized this with a hand and arm massage while the mask sits.

This also is when she began the reflexive foot and lower leg massage, which I’d ordered as an add-on service.  It’s described as an invigorating massage with anti-inflammatory oils focusing on reflex points on the feet to alleviate pain, stiffness and fatigue and improve circulation. Things get fuzzy for me here because I totally zoned out. You know that place where you’re not asleep but not awake? That’s where I was for much of this massage. You don’t realize how tense your calves — but especially the bottom of your feet! — can get just from everyday life.

The full facial also includes a neck and shoulder massage, performed with blended oils. Again, things are fuzzy. My entire left side was especially tense (sitting in front of a laptop all day everyday often gets me out of alignment), and Tara applied appropriate pressure to work through it, but did so in a way that was still relaxing and put me practically to sleep.

She finishes with a toner, serum, moisturizer and eye cream — with hot towels on my shoulders. Tara uses Glo-Therapeutics products, from cleanser through moisturizers. All products are free of parabens and are loaded with plant-based ingredients.


Once the treatments were complete and I redressed, I went out to reception where Tara greeted me with water. She noticed an immediate change in my skin — it just glowed. Even better, much of the nerve pain I was having on my left side was relieved.

Any skin or body treatment is a luxury, but Tara really took the experience up a level. The Kansa wand facial massage was new to me and it really intensified the relaxation for me. Tara’s reflexology work on my feet was another standout part of the treatment. Later, she noted that my left foot — much like my left shoulder — was tenser than my right, which I thought was interesting insight into body balance. My husband’s idea of a foot massage is to squeeze my foot twice with one hand, so I’m bound to return to Tara again soon for this!

Through June, Moxy is offering 50% OFF your first facial or spa service OR 10% off your first waxing service with Tara. Click here to print the certificate.

To learn more about Tara’s services at Moxy, visit her website or call Moxy at (717) 920-9699 to make an appointment.

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2 thoughts on “Esthetician Tara Miller brings new services to Moxy

  1. Meghan Hardee on said:

    I have enjoyed facials from Tara in the past and am so excited to be getting another tomorrow! After reading Sara’s review I’m reminded of what a treat I am in for. The secret is out, Tara is truly a master of her trade and will transform not only your skin but your entire body, mood and ensure that the rest of your day is fantastic! If you have never had the pleasure of experiencing a treatment by Tara Miller, put it at the top of your to-do list!

  2. Nicole Craul on said:

    I just had my first facial with Tara last week. I had nooooo idea what I was in for. It was truly an experience! She was so kind and professional. Each step of the facial was relaxing, but you can feel and see the benefits. I was literally glowing when I left Moxy!

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