REVIEW: Spring House Brewing Company

by: Jimi The Intern
September 5, 2015

Finally I feel like I’m sitting in a brewery.

I can see the tanks and fermenters where it all comes from and it feels right.

Before when you wanted to visit Spring House Brewing Company you were forced into a tiny cramped space in a building that didn’t seem fit for a taproom.

It felt impersonal.

Spring House Exterior

Now the high wooden beams that frame the new metallic brewing equipment make this feel like a place you want to have a beer.

Spring House Brewery

I remember the first time I visited Spring House. My dad and I ended up outside of a warehouse. We were confused to say the least. Then when we walked into the Taproom on King Street we were even more confused because we expected what they offer now.

But, the beer spoke more volumes than the space they were slinging it in, which kept us coming back. Now they have the space to go along the beer.

Spring House Room

The bar sits directly in front of the brewery with nothing between it other than the taps.

Spring House usually has 8-10 brews on tap. The current list includes a citrusy, dank session IPA that I gravitated towards right away.

The one thing I have always loved about Spring House is they offer half-pints for people who want a little more than a sample but less than a full beer.

Right now the leaves are about to turn just like taps around us are about to turn to pumpkin beers.

Spring House Spinal Remains

Braaaiins! Pumpkin Ale For Zombies (SIDE NOTE: I’ve always loved their beer names like The Martians Kidnapped Santa) is one of the most recognized pumpkin ales in the area, but I chose the lesser-known Spinal Remains Pumpkin Stout. Half-pint again.

Disclaimer: I’m not the biggest fan of pumpkin beers but Spinal Remains and Braaaiins are two that I can get behind. My mom will probably disown me for saying that, as she might be a pumpkin beer connoisseur.

Next I tried the two women on tap. Velma and Vyvyan.

Spring House Velma

Velma was a hoppy saison that I wish I would have found during the summer months because it is light, refreshing and dry, like saison should be.

Get that sweet fruity stuff out of here.

Vyvyan was dry as hell. Like drinking a dry red wine. My mouth felt like I licked sand, and I loved it. Not hoppy like Velma but still refreshing.

The other great thing is that neither of these beers broke five percent ABV.

The menu here is a lot different than the pizza, wings and sandwiches that are offered at the Taproom. It features fare like rabbit, duck and oysters. They still have regular pub fare (burgers, fish and chips), but the new menu is something to get excited about.

If you haven’t been here yet it’s something to put on your next list of breweries to check out.

Lancaster has become one of those places that every greater Harrisburg area beer lover needs to check out again because if you haven’t been here in the last six months you’re already behind the ball.

Get here. Drink local. Expand your palate.

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