Part 2: Cans of Summer (Beach Edition)

by: Sara Bozich
August 2, 2016

My sister is not a craft beer drinker in the sense that she probably would rather drink Moscow Mules or Pinot Grigio or let’s be real: champagne.


However, girlfriend has a surprisingly open mind, and she regularly buys mixed cases of whatever seasonals Blue Moon is putting out (some hits; some losers), and she is open to trying almost anything I put in her hand — except for my hoppy, bitter favorites.

And that’s OK. However, rather than tell you about these beers myself, I wanted to test Keri’s palate and see what she thought of a few great portable options for the summer.

Pack up the cooler and stock it full of these cans for your next picnic, tailgate or of course — beach weekend.

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy


A classic, right? I basically bribed Keri with a case of this knowing she could safely return to something she enjoys. I was really hoping they had canned their new Beergarten Tart, which I tried first at Harrisburg Brewers Fest and again at World of Beer in Tampa during BBC16. However, they have not (please do!).

Craft beer snobs be damned, the Summer Shandy has its place, and one of those places is the beach. Or a hot Sunday picnic. Keri didn’t review this, but she did drink most of the case in one week.

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez


Personally, I already knew I loved Otra Vez (“another time,” or “another one”), Sierra Nevada’s gose. I was really curious as to what my sister would think, sure she didn’t know anything about the style (note to self: get her on some Berliner Weisse).

After just one sip, “Oh I like this. I want to drink this.┬áThis is fruity … Crisp. No aftertaste. No hoppiness. Refreshing. This is my new favorite beer. That’s yummy.”

There you have it, kids.

New Belgium Snapshot


OK, I screwed up here. I should have had her try Snapshot first — but to be honest, I thought she’d like it the best! And maybe, had she tried it before the nice and dry Otra Vez, she would have.

Keri’s take: “This tastes like a browner version of Otra Vez. It’s like I wanna like it but it has this aftertaste that reminds me of …” [She never could place it.]

“It’s definitely not a lager,” she says from the previous day’s lesson. “It’s not terrible. I could drink that. The fruit is the good part.”

Snapshot is another great option for summer, lightly tart and so easy going down. The GKV crew recently put a serious dent into some Snapshot cans on a recent group trip to Pittsburgh too.

Flying Fish Daylight Savings IPA


While Keri was sipping Shandy, this was my beach go-to. Plus, no one else in my family was going to touch it. I will forgive Flying Fish its typo (It’s Daylight Saving Time, but nearly everyone gets that wrong) because this is easy to drink, hoppy enough top please my palate and totally beachable.


And … I just wanted to see Keri’s face. That is all.

The best part of this is you can find all of these beers nearby at your local distributor. Thanks to W&L Sales for the hookup.

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