10 Things to do in Asheville, NC on a Long Weekend

by: Kelly Leighton
September 7, 2016

My husband and I spent Labor Day weekend in Asheville, N.C., belatedly celebrating our wedding anniversary. I know everyone and their mother has done a how-to for Asheville, but here is mine! We loved it there, but the 8-hour car ride each way was definitely too long for me (Thank you to the Black Tapes podcast for making it go slightly faster, along with my husband who drove while I slept for part of it.)

[Editor’s note: We at SaraBozich.com all <3 Asheville, NC hard. Tierney & I fell in love with it last year, and Intern Jimi has a post coming up about his recent trip as well. Guess we can all relocate there!]


We are both pretty outdoorsy people, so we knew we wanted to incorporate that into our trip. On both Friday and Saturday, I’d get up early and run, and then we’d hit the road to hike.

Mount Mitchell State Park

IMG_2684 (1)

This was my favorite hike, as it was pretty difficult. We made it to the highest point east of the Mississippi though! The climbs were challenging, and the temperatures were chilly, as I was cold in a long-sleeve tech tee and capris. It was really foggy here as well, which made it hard to see, but it was still beautiful. I’d highly recommend taking a trip here for a morning hike, it was definitely worth it.

DuPont State Forest


This was less of a hike and more of a 3-mile walk. (It actually reminded me of Wildwood Park.)  We had hoped for something slightly more challenging, but we still enjoyed seeing the waterfalls.


We visited a TON of breweries and cider places, but the following were our favorites.

Urban Orchard Cider

This was my favorite place to visit, they had at least 10 different ciders. My favorite was the Sweet English, while Tim liked their dry hopped. It was a great lunch after hiking.

The Funkatorium (Wicked Weed)

This was my husband’s favorite, he is a huge fan of sour beers and was disappointed we only went once. He said Untappd tells him Genesis was the best.

Hi-Wire Brewing (Big Top)

This was off the beaten path, but my husband said their beers were delicious. The bartender was also really awesome and gave us a ton of recommendations on what to see and do in Asheville.

Bold Rock Cidery

We went here after hiking on Saturday and were impressed by their range of ciders. They also had an amazing deck to sit on and enjoy the view. I really enjoyed their pear cider.

Noble Cider

I loved it here! They had a very cool atmosphere, a popcorn machine with a ton of toppings (HELLO!) and board games, so I was in my element. Plus, they had a lot of interesting ciders, like a mint one, which was just weird. I am glad I tried it though.

Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar

A CHAMPAGNE BAR IN A BOOK STORE?! I was literally in heaven, and I am pretty sure Tim had to drag me out of there.


We ate our breakfast at the hotel and packed lunches, but we went out to dinner each night.

King Daddy’s Chicken and Waffle

I never in a million years expected to be blown away by a glorified breakfast joint, but we both were. Tim said the chicken was amazing, and I had a gluten-free waffle. We split sweet potato hush puppies, and this was the first time in ages I couldn’t finish a meal. It was positively delicious, not too expensive, and I had somehow ordered a Manhattan, so I felt like my 89-year-old grandma. I’d consider that a win.


This was pretty delicious Mexican food (especially the plantains), but it was pricey for nothing that special. However, I had a watermelon mojito that was amazing, so I’ll take it.

All in all, we loved visiting Asheville. Next time, I’m flying though.

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