5 Post-Work Wine Snack Pairings for When You Can’t Even

by: Sara Bozich
January 24, 2017

There was a day 7 years ago when my best friend, Beth, came over with a bottle Pinot Grigio, a hunk of brie cheese, a small baguette, a container of raspberries, and if I recall correctly, those pretzel breadstick things.

We stood in my then-new kitchen and caught up on everything in our lives. I miss this incredibly, but that’s not the point of this post.

Sometimes, you come home from work exhausted. Or, perhaps you had a day like my poor sister did this week that involved trips to multiple ERs for your dog and your baby (everyone’s OK). You need a drink. You DESERVE a drink.


You also recognize the need for some kind of sustenance, but don’t feel like cooking or going out. Hell, you don’t feel like getting out a damn plate.

Those days are what this “guide” is here for.

5 Wine & Snack Pairings for When You Can’t Even


(But seriously, sister, have whatever makes you feel good)

Black Olives and Chardonnay

It’s been a very bad, no good day. But you gotta have something. Dig out a can of black olives and grab a bottle of white — ideally screw top. Today is not the day for a busted cork or lost wine key. This one comes from personal experience. I guess if you have some better olives and wine, go for it, but believe me, this can be satisfying on its own. I like cool-climate chardonnays, which tend to be crisper with higher acidity. Best enjoyed standing over your damn sink.

Sara’s Pick: Barista Chardonnay, $14.99
Corvidae Wine Company Chardonnay Yakima Valley 2014, $11.99


Port Wine Cheese & Pretzel Chips with Rosé

Probably ideal for all those The Bachelor eps, too, if you’re into that. Get a tub of port wine cheese — yeah — (BJ’s sells this in the big boy size you probably need) and pretzel crisps. You could sub anything crunchy you’re into, but I highly recommend this tried and trusted pairing. If you have time, let the tub sit out for a few min while you change into sweats and pour the rosé. This will limit broken pretzel pieces in your dip because who has time for a spreader?

Sara’s Pick: Clair Diamant Rose Cotes de Provence 2015, $12.99


Chocolate Cake and Red Wine

I’m very picky about my chocolate cake. I believe if you’re going to have it, it has to be the richest, most decadent, triple fudge type of chocolate cake. I want all of the textures, and I want to KNOW I’m eating chocolate. Someone tell me where I can get this. Pair this with a rich, bold red — a Malbec, Cab or Merlot, perhaps, maybe even something you’ve been saving for a special occasion. You deserve this.

Sara’s Pick: Waltz Cherry Tree Merlot, $36


Popcorn and Pinot Noir

As often as popcorn is my go-to meal (see: last night’s dinner), you’d think I’d have a good pairing to throw at you. The reality is, popcorn is my most favorite snack in all of the land and a beverage is secondary. IPAs are great (but this post is on wine pairings, no?), and otherwise, I tend to reach for whatever is open. I’ve only seen a couple seasons of Scandal, but this popcorn + red wine thing is right up my alley. Channel your inner Olivia Pope and open whatever you damn please and enjoy every sip.

Sara’s Pick: Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, $31.99


Baguette + Bordeaux style local red

Grain & Morsel, where have you gone? Lancaster, you have this, so go get a baguette during your Saturday morning market routine. If you’re in the ‘Burg, swing by Fasta & Ravioli for their Chef’s Blend Olive Oil (and grab some ravs while you’re at it). Now, the baguette is basically only good on this day, so if you day is ruff, maybe swing by the bakery on the way home — or keep one of these frozen for days like this. I like to sprinkle a little sea salt in my puddle of olive oil, then dip away.

Sara’s Pick: Allegro Winery The Bridge (Sold out, so pick the Cab or Merlot)


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2 thoughts on “5 Post-Work Wine Snack Pairings for When You Can’t Even

  1. Julia James on said:

    Radish & Rye has Saturday baguettes, too! 🙂

    • Sara Bozich on said:

      Oh you know I know! I’ve converted.

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