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by: Sara Bozich
March 28, 2017

Hey, so remember a couple years ago when we made a documentary about Harrisburg’s craft beer community? It was called Brewed in the Burg, and it featured a handful of familiar faces talking about brewing (and drinking) delicious beer in our hometown.

This project was a combined effort through local video production company, GK Visual, and myself, but since then they hired me (guess it went OK!), and now we’re setting our sights on a statewide version of the film.

Poured in Pennsylvania

We’re calling this one, Poured in Pa, and with the generous support of the state’s craft beer guild, Brewers of Pennsylvania, we’re planning to spend the bulk of 2017 traversing the state, interviewing breweries in all four corners (and in-between!) of our glorious commonwealth.

Need Beer Money

The thing is, we need your help. We put together Brewed using our own resources, but — we stayed local (and we somehow threw that together in just a couple months!). Supporting our Indiegogo campaign will help us assuage travel costs, keep the lights on in the office, and allow us to put together an incredible, feature-length documentary on Pennsylvania’s beer industry.

Supporting our project also means supporting Pennsylvania beer — this film will highlight the important and seemingly ever-growing craft beer industry and will be used by the Brewers of Pennsylvania to market our industry in and out of state.


We’re offering a variety of perks, from having your name on the film to joining us on a shoot day! We’ll be adding and updating these as we go along as well.

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Even if you’re not able to give at this time, sharing helps us out a ton, too.

Other Fun Stuff

While we’re on the road, we’ll be updating all of the above with great behind-the-scenes images and some mini-videos to sate your beer palate. In addition, I’ll be writing a blog series right here about many of our stops and some of the other fun things to do know about Pennsylvania breweries. You’ll want to make sure you’re on my email list, as well, so you get all of those goodies.

Also be on the lookout for some Harrisburg Beer Week-adjacent events to raise money for Poured, including a big “after-party” brunch at the GK Visual office  — if you haven’t been, we have a pretty sweet set-up, including a bar — and of course we’ll be pouring some great Pa. brews for the event.

Stay tuned!

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