You Should Be Listening to these 5 Local Bands

by: Micah Jacobs
April 4, 2017

Being able to cover the local music scene from Carlisle to Lancaster, I often find myself spending entire afternoons digging through the vast number of bands and artists from all different genres looking for something unique, original, and captivating.

Sometimes I find it from a more well-known artist in the area or sometimes I find it from bands that have yet to even release a demo. It’s why I also go to see opening acts. So I wanted to share with you 5 bands from our area right now that you should listen to and hopefully go out and support at their next show!

Younger Me

The three-piece band from York, Pa. actually has been around since 2012 and has released four separate recordings including two EPs, all available on their Bandcamp page. I was actually at their very first show ever, and they blew me away. Younger Me includes a Rhodes piano instead of a guitar, smooth bass lines, and inspired drumming make for some of the most uplifting music I’ve heard from our area. The songs really live up to the band’s namesake. You are taken back to a time being a kid and playing around the yard all day long, or jumping around in the rec room with your friends.

Younger Me does not play often so, give their Facebook page a like and keep an eye out for their next show. It is not one to miss!

Heart For Hire

Heart For Hire is another band I have seen a few times, and I have always been impressed with their high-energy live shows. The vocals from frontwoman Julie Wanner have a sort of aggressive sweetness to them that leads on fast and punk-inspired riffs. I have noticed an awesome resurgence of the emo/pop-punk genre that we loved back in the late 90s and early 00s. Heart for Hire is on the front of that wave here locally and will remind you of early Taking Back Sunday. I rejoice in the fact that bands like Heart For Hire continue to carry the torch of post-hardcore and emo that I listen to still.

Check out their Bandcamp page where you can purchase their latest EP, “Safe Inside My Own Head,” and check them out on April 13 in the Lizard Lounge at Chameleon Club.

Young and Heartless

Ok, maybe you have heard of Young and Heartless from Harrisburg. And maybe they aren’t technically local now that they have signed to Hopeless Records (Sum 41, Neck Deep, Emarosa) and released Stay Away, their first full-length album in March 2016. But, the success of Young and Heartless made their hometown proud. The profound music writing abilities create a mellow, ambient style of heartfelt music that is perfect for relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.

My favorite track from the album is “Bad Brain,” a beautiful song that culminates with the lyrics, “You’ve sold yourself short, don’t make me your lights in there, hang me somewhere else.” Absolutely poetic. You can also check them out at the Launch Music Conference April 14 at the Lizard Lounge in the Chameleon Club.

Weird Year

I first stumbled across this collection of musicians while interviewing Sam Barron from The Come On about their show at Little Amps. Weird Year was the opening act that night so I decided to listen to their EP a few times before the show and found their sound very raw, not overproduced and very unique. The vocal harmonies are downright soothing, and the experimental instrumentation pulls together for a great mix of sound. It reminds me of early Warpaint, one of my favorite indie bands of all time. Weird Year is another band that doesn’t book a lot of shows so check out their Facebook page to keep up with them.

In the meantime, take a listen to their EP “Wish and Lean,” available on their Bandcamp page. Perfect for those late night talks around the patio table with your closest friends.

The Mellowells

Another somewhat well-known band from central Pa that is really starting to take off is The Mellowells. They have this old-school Pixies vibe to them with great melodies that get easily stuck in my head. They have a bunch of great recordings available dating back to 2013 on their Bandcamp page. I suggest putting on their latest EP, “Headspace,” to start out. The track “Tiny Beds” is my favorite from the recording. Be sure to check their Facebook often for upcoming local shows.

The Mellowells are perfect for one of these upcoming warm spring days sitting out on the deck enjoying a few beverages with friends.

I am constantly on the hunt for new and upcoming bands in our area. What are some local bands you love that you think everyone should hear?


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