How to Get Your Grub on During #HbgBeerWeek

by: Tierney Pomone
April 7, 2017

Harrisburg Beer Week returns in JUST 2 WEEKS with more than 200 events for you to pick and choose from.

I know, 200 is a lot, how will you decide what to do? The good news is that over the next few weeks, we’ll be providing you with quick easy guides on different itineraries to help you out – Plus, grab yourself an event guide, check out the event page of the website, and of course social media which will guide you on your way.

It’s Harrisburg Beer Week, and you want to eat! And not just a late night Mercado’s slice, you want the real deal and you want a beer to pair with it too. I would first recommend PA Flavor, the ultimate beer + food pairing because it’s awesome and you’ll want to come hang out with us, but beyond that, there’s a ton of food-forward pairings to play with. Check out my easy guide on getting your grub on during Harrisburg Beer Week.

Wegmans Beer + Food Pairings

The Wegmans beer + food pairing series returns this year with an easy pairing every day. The best part is, while you grab a brew and a snack, there are also limited edition bottle releases happening. Check our website for bottle release updates, but here’s a guide to the good stuff:

  • Friday 4/21: Goose Island Summer Kolsch + Wegman’s spinach ricotta naan pizza, Long Trail Space Juice 2XIPA + Yancey’s Fancy buffalo wing cheddar cheese, both 5-7 pm
  • Saturday 4/22: Deschutes Pinedrops IPA & Fresh Squeezed IPA + Wegman’s new smoked wings, 12-2 pm
  • Sunday 4/23: Sam Adams’ Barrel Room Collection + charcuterie, 12-2 pm
  • Monday 4/24: Troegs beer + Troegs inspired donuts, 5-7 pm
  • Tuesday 4/25: Uinta Hop Nosh IPA + Wegman’s intense NY charddar, Hop Nosh Tangerine IPA + Collier vintage Welsh cheddar, 5-7 pm
  • Wednesday 4/26: Victory Java Cask + Wegman’s German chocolate bar, Golden Monkey + Wegman’s cream puffs, 5-7 pm
  • Thursday 4/27: Sweetwater Going Coastal Pineapple IPA + Wegman’s Hawaiian pizza, 5-7 pm
  • Friday 4/28: Evolution Lot 3 IPA, Lot 6 IPA, and Pinehop’le + 3 different blue cheeses, Great Lakes new Hop madness 2xIPA  + Skittles (!!!), both 5-7 pm
  • Saturday 4/29: Ommegang new Pale Sour + Beemster gouda, Rosetta + Big Red Apple smoked gouda, both 12-2 pm

Quick Pop-in Beer Meals

Not all beer pairings require a reservation, in some instances, you can just stop in and grab the feature of the day (or week). Check out these easy breezy pop-in meals and snacks:

  • Starr Hill + burger pairings @ The Harrisburger (Broad Street Market), Saturday 4/22
  • Firkin + food @ Millworks, Saturday 4/22 5 pm
  • Molly Pitcher + Popped Culture popcorn @ Molly Pitcher, Sunday 4/23
  • Spring House beer + steak night @ The Warwick Hotel, Monday 4/24
  • Founders beer + Hershey’s Chocolate @ Penn Hotel, Monday 4/24
  • Victory beer + featured entrée @ Harvest, Tuesday 4/25
  • New Belgium + BBQ @ Momo’s, Tuesday 4/25
  • Victory beer + Urban Churn ice cream @ Market Cross Pub, Tuesday 4/25
  • Saint Boniface beer + desserts @ Harvest, Wednesday 4/26
  • Boneshire Brew Works + Nomad BBQ chicken wing night, Wednesday 4/26
  • Evil Genius beer + BBQ @ Momo’s, Thursday 4/27
  • Great Lakes + food pairings all week @ Ad Lib
  • Wild & Funky beer pairings all week @ Garlic Poet
  • New Belgium beer + food pairings all week @ Greystone Public House
  • Lancaster Brewing + street tacos all week @ Lancaster Brewing Harrisburg
  • Howling Henry’s beer + food pairings all week @ Rubicon

Beer Pairing Dinners

These beer pairing events require you to make a reservation, so make sure you call/order ahead. I love truly experiencing the flavors of beers properly positioned to complement and contrast with various foods, and if you want to elevate dinner game, I recommend these:

  • Great Lakes beer dinner @ Hilton Harrisburg, Friday 4/21. Reservations required: (717) 233-6784
  • Starr Hill beer dinner @ Mayapple, Monday 4/24. Reservations required: (717) 258-1800
  • Rubber Soul beer dinner @ Penn Hotel, Tuesday 4/25. Reservations required: (717) 298-1461
  • New Belgium beer dinner @ Stoney Creek Inn, Thursday 4/26. Reservations required.
  • Sam Adams beer dinner @ Hollywood Casino, Thursday 4/26. Reservations required
  • Rooftop pig roast @ Millworks, Friday 4/28. Tickets required

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