The Depot in York: A Legend in Live Music

by: Micah Jacobs
June 27, 2017

Metal is and always will be my first love.

I remember some of my earliest albums my brother gave to me: — Megadeth “Rust in Peace”, Motley Crue “Shout at the Devil” and Pantera “Cowboys From Hell”. Metal helped shape my guitar playing and influenced me in many aspects of my youth.

I know it’s not for everyone, and I have heard it all. “You can’t understand what the screaming guy is even saying,” or “I’m just never that angry.” Heavy metal does the opposite for me personally, it actually soothes me and calms me down. Which, I suppose could be a concerning personality trait? Oh, well.

For decades, The Depot in York has been an absolute gem for live music in the area.

the depot york music

I wanted to get out of Harrisburg for the night, so my brother and I decided to do what we have been doing since I was about 13 years old — we went to a metal show.

Tucked away at the end of West Cottage Place off of George St. is the unassuming venue with a small sign over the door plastered with stickers and taped-up flyers. The craft beer selection in this place is plentiful with offerings from Dogfish Head, Victory, Bell’s and, of course, the York-based Liquid Hero Brewery.

I met my brother outside in the parking lot, paid the $5 cover and headed right to the front bar to order our drinks. Music was already blasting from local metal favorites, Wrath of Typhon.

Formed in 2009, Wrath of Typhon long has shared their original metal assault to stages all over the area. Saturday night was no different as they set the stage for legendary sleaze metal band, The Mentors. I’m not going to link them. You can Google them if you want but, don’t do it at work. Trust me.

Make sure you check out the Wrath of Typhon Facebook page to keep up their shows and check out some of their tracks that boast a serious Black Sabbath influence from their album, Speak From the Fire.

Just past the merch table set-up, The Depot has a smoking section in the back with a decent whiskey selection and a few classic beers like Natty Boh and PBR while an old Zenith tube TV plays a distorted live feed of the show on the stage.

A lot of the same people are there, familiar faces and people I haven’t seen in years offer up a smile and a hug. There has always been a feeling of community at The Depot, and I don’t find that very often with live music venues. It’s a scene, but it’s not just about the music there.

It’s not all punk rock and metal shows at The Depot, either. Any given weekend you can hear DJs spinning indie rock and even hip-hop.

The Depot holds a special place in my heart for live music, and there aren’t very many venues like this. It’s a venue I recommend checking out as soon as you can. The sound is great, the beer is flowing, and the crowd is always amazing.

Check The Depot’s website or Facebook page for updates on events every week — including the acoustic/poetry concert featuring local musicians and poets providing relaxing entertainment while you can sip on a tasty craft beer.

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