St@rtup Harrisburg Members Share Why They Cowork

by: Jimi The Intern
July 11, 2017

For more than two years working with, I was void of any kind of traditional office.

I spent hours in local coffee shops with shoddy wifi or trying to work from with a myriad of distractions. Sometimes, I even put in long hours on the chaise lounge in the boss’ office with her dog, Buddy, as my cubicle mate.

It wasn’t working.

Then, we found st@rtup Harrisburg. The amenities coupled with a nearby location in Midtown made it the perfect place for me to work.

How St@rtup Changed the Way I Work

When I arrived, I found myself surrounded by a group of people in the same boat as me. Some needed a place in the city to crack down on work for a day while others sought a dedicated office to run their entire business.

St@rtup members range from freelance working from a hot desk to multi-employee businesses that utilize everything the coworking space has to offer.

Cap Collective

Cap Collective is a local video production company specializing in promotional pieces for small- to medium-sized businesses.

The group transferred from st@rtup’s original location to the current building. Cap Collective currently occupies one of the dedicated offices and two hot desks, operating their entire business from st@rtup’s midtown digs.

How st@rtup changed the way they work

For Cap Collective, the original St@rtup location became a necessity when they got serious about growing their business.

“We came to the point where we had to either go all-in on this or dissolve it,” said Cap Collective co-owner Cody Wanner. “We were just working from home, and it felt like we were working as separate freelancers instead of a cohesive business.”

Cap Collective looked for local office spaces, but nothing fit their budget. Wanner and the other founders were trying to start families, and they needed a place to work outside of the home.

“The biggest thing for us with switching to st@rtup was productivity,” said Waner. “Being around other people who are also working as opposed to being at home with a never ending to-do list and distractions makes it more about work.”

Wanner said even the move from the old St@rtup space to the new spot helped foster more productivity for them because it now feels more like an office.

“Coming into st@rtup now, as it is, you’re entering into a mecca of business,” said Wanner. “It’s an open office, and the space is awesome with a fresh, clean feel. You just feel invigorated to crush it.”


Founder Devon Stank runs SQUAR, along with an intern, utilizing one of st@rtup’s dedicated offices.

“Right now, our bread-and-butter is in web design and web development,” said Stank. “The majority of our clients are small- to medium-sized businesses, and we don’t just work with one type of client. We have a diverse client base.”

SQUAR works with groups from all over the world right from the comfort of their office at st@rtup.

For Stank, st@rtup is not only where he works, but he’s the only member who also lives in the Boas Street Flats located directly above st@rtup.

How st@rtup changed the way he worked

Stank left his job to go on his own in March 2016 and launched The success of that business led him to start SQUAR in March of this year.

“I figured now I needed to take this from a small personal brand to be a company now,” said Stank. “I’m only one person, and I can only handle so much.”

Although he worked remotely with his previous jobs, he knew that it wasn’t for him in the long term.

“I needed to be in an environment where I could interact with people and socialize, but still be in an office so I can focus and work,” said Stank. “st@rtup is an environment that makes me work, which ultimately led me to make the switch.”

Along with the perks like the great internet, coffee, and beer, Stank also said that the networking st@rtup provides is one perk that helps his business grow.

“I’m constantly learning things about running my own business, and it helps that I can go to another business to ask them questions about how to handle different aspects,” said Stank. encourages, empowers, and equips young fathers of unplanned pregnancies to become great dads through resources and mentoring services.

“We’re a start-up in every sense of the word,” said founder Justin Stimpson. “We’re launching our pilot mentor program here in Harrisburg to use it as a testing ground.”

Stimpson’s impetus to start the service came from personal experience.

“I was born out of an unplanned pregnancy,” said Stimpson. “Most of my adult life I have been passionate about doing something creative to stem the tide of fatherlessness in our country.”

How st@rtup changed the way he worked

Stimpson began his passion project from coffee shops and out of the library at Messiah College but quickly saw the drawbacks to working remotely.

He tried working from the previous st@rtup location but didn’t see it as a good fit. Once he saw the new space, he jumped on board for a membership.

Coming to the new st@rtup allowed Stimpson to hire an intern and provide him a desk.

“It also feels good to be able to tell people that you have a space,” said Stimpson. “It’s hard to tell people where you work when it’s out of coffee shops all the time. It’s nice to say we have an office on 3rd Street in Harrisburg.”

Stimpson lives locally, and st@rtup’s location along with the ability to work alongside other growing start-ups was another draw.

“The amenities are great, but for me, it’s more about the intentional collaboration,” said Stimpson. “It’s not just beer and coffee. It’s ZerØday beer and Elementary coffee.”

Stimpson has worked from other coworking spaces but says that st@rtup is just as good, if not better than larger ones.

“Because some of them are so large, it can feel like it’s one company instead of an actual coworking space,” said Stimpson.


Sovierro is a graphic design, web design, and video production company.

“It’s an all-encompassing user experience for a company,” said owner Lance Williams. “I can go through and work on the logo and the identity along with the making the website so it’s all uniform.”

How st@rtup changed the way he worked

Williams started freelancing from st@rtup just a few months ago after quickly realizing that working from home wasn’t an option.

“I have three kids, and getting them to stay out of the office wasn’t easy,” said Williams. “I tried working at home for a month before I made the switch.”

Williams remembered hearing about st@rtup and signed up for a hot desk before ever seeing the place.

“Even if I didn’t have the kids and working from home was quiet, I still don’t think I could do it,” said Williams. “I definitely needed a space to work away from home.”

He tried working from Wegmans and other coffee shops but realized he needed a better space to set up his computer for a day of work.

“Coming to st@rtup definitely changed the way I was able to focus,” said Williams. “Everyone is here because they want to be here. They are all motivated to be here to work and that helps me be excited to work.”

Since almost all of Williams’ work for Sovierro is done remotely, he said the flexibility of working from st@rtup 24/7 is the biggest perk for him.

“Sometimes I’m here until late at night,” said Sovierro. “It’s great that I can get be here late with my own space that is so affordable.”

Other members

This is just a small sampling of the members that make up st@rtup. Each one has their own reason for choosing to work from a high-quality but affordable coworking office space.

Check them out and see who else calls st@rtup home»

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