Steelers Week 2: Cheers, Jeers, & Fears

by: Jimi The Intern
September 13, 2017

Week 1 was a win, but I don’t think many Steelers fan felt too good about it.

Pittsburgh looked sloppy. They looked lethargic, and what’s worse, they made the Browns actually look like a competent team.

I’ll give it a slide for week one, but week two against the Minnesota Vikings poses a whole host of problems.

Minnesota is a good defensive team that can shut down a running game. The Vikings offense also has young playmakers in Dalvin Cook and Stephon Diggs plus vets like Kyle Rudolph and Sam Bradford that make for a nightmare of a matchup.

This is an early test for the Steelers and could show us what to expect for the rest of the season.

Here are my Cheers, Jeers, and Fears for Week 2.

Oh, before we start. This is another one of those annoying weeks where unless you have magic powers or DirectTV, you have to venture away from the comfort of your couch to watch the Steelers. 

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Antonio Brown.

He’s the man. There’s no question about it. He made so many great plays last week that kept the Steelers in the game.

His third down grab with three defenders around him late in the fourth quarter was spectacular. Brown can put the team on his back when all else fails.

If he has a big game this week, the Steelers will win.

Honorable mention goes to T.J. Watt, who had two sacks and a great interception in his first-ever start.


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In his first real action, Le’Veon Bell looked like a man who had relaxed for the whole offseason. I was the first person to say the hold-out wouldn’t take its toll, but it looks like it might take a few games for him to get back.

Early on, he was having trouble finding his blocking lanes, but as the game wore on, you could see him starting to find his rhythm again.

He also only had 14 carries compared to his normal plus-20 touches a game. He didn’t split-out wide too much, so he didn’t get his targets in the passing game, where he can be extremely effective.

While I do think he will get it figured out, it might take a little longer than I hoped.

Bell. Get it together.


The team didn’t look good against a Browns team they should have handled soundly.

Offensively, the Browns actually outscored this Steelers offense that is supposed to be one of the best in the league. That’s real. Steelers offense scored 14 points and the Browns, with a rookie QB, put up 18.

Everyone looked flat. Pittsburgh usually plays to their opponents’ level but that was a bit pathetic. Let’s all hope they make the necessary adjustments and wake the hell up this weekend.


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The Steelers are at home, and it’s very rare that they lose at home with Big Ben under center. Bell will look a lot better, Brown stays consistent and Bryant has somewhat of a coming out party.

Minnesota will be able to control the pace of play with their running game but a long touchdown pass to Bryant will put the nail in the coffin for a Steelers’ win.

Pittsburgh wins 28-17.

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