Going For 2: Episode 7 — All the Sports Opinions You Never Asked For

by: Jimi The Intern
November 17, 2017

Going For 2: Episode 7 is LIVE!

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We got a little carried away with football talk in the last episode, so we spend some time catching up on what we missed, but there’s still a good bit of football.

Mainly, that was the World Series. Get our take on what we thought of the craziness that was this year’s Fall Classic.

Next, we look at the NFL and talk about winning teams who will be out of the playoffs, and those with losing records that could find their way in the postseason at the end of the season.

The College Football Playoff rankings are getting crazy, and we talk about how the Georgia and Notre Dame losses will affect the rest of the rankings going forward.

We then discuss the start of the college wrestling season and Ohio State’s new “pin chain.”

In fantasy football, Andy recounts his whirlwind of fantasy mishaps that happened in the span of a week. We close the show with tips on how to improve your fantasy squad before the playoffs.

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