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gravCentral Pa. has always been my home. Even when I went away for school, I knew that I would end up back here. I know that Central Pa. can be one of the best places to grow up and live, because I’ve done it and my whole family has as well. I recently graduated from Penn State, and it will always be a second home to me. I am a college football, NHL, NFL and MLB fanatic. I’m a bit of oddball in that I like the Penguins and Steelers but my favorite baseball team is the Philadelphia Phillies. Like I said, I’m odd -- and not just with sports. I am a huge beer geek and have had many great experiences with craft beer. I can talk about it for hours, and I never met someone who I couldn’t convert to a craft beer believer. Go ahead: hit me with your best shot. I bet I can find one that you will enjoy. I also love to eat. When I visit a new city my first thought is either where is the best place to get a drink here or what is the best food in the city. My motto is "I will always eat something once." This has led me to try everything from eye balls to brains. Previously, I've worked for the Harrisburg City Islanders and also have experience covering the Penn State Women’s Tennis team. Writing didn’t always seem relevant to me, but during my semester of biology (with a plan to to be pre-med), I realized I hated science and I missed being creative. However, I knew I loved sports, and I loved to talk about them -- so journalism only seemed right. Jimi graduated this spring from Penn State University with a degree in communication, major in print journalism with Curley Center for Sport Journalism. He'll be covering sports along with other projects for SaraBozich.com. Follow Jimi on Twitter, @jwerner1029.

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