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My dad once said to me, “You know, Sar, you just sat in a bar and figured it all out.”

While it didn’t happen that quickly, my dad was pretty much right on point with how I landed the gig of a lifetime.

I’ve been a writer as long as I can remember, and my experiences in the service industry provided me the background to serve as a liaison between restaurants and their customers.

Since my early barhopping days, I’ve documented my travels and experiences in a variety of print and web publications — including a nearly 13-year run writing “Out with Sara” for The Patriot-News/PennLive.

Popular features include the out-every-Thursday Weekend Roundup, dining and brewery reviews, and holiday bar and restaurant openings.

Contributing writers add a variety of flavor and subject matter to the blog. Be sure you meet:

  • Kelly — Our resident runner and fitness expert
  • Tierney — Everything craft beer
  • Micah — Music and concert reviews and interviews
  • Jimi — Intern-for-life, sports writer, beer/whiskey writer and everything in-between

Meet us

Join me for periodic Happy Hours and other events throughout the area! They are a great opportunity to try new venues, foods and drinks and learn what our area has to offer.

Get to know Harrisburg

Through my partnership with GK Visual, where I also write and produce, we created an interview-style show exploring the people who make up our community. Watch “What’s on Tap” and meet business leaders, restaurateurs, artists and more.

Shea Quinn from What’s On Tap with Sara Bozich on Vimeo.

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Come explore Harrisburg with us!

Our goal: From whiskey dinners to brewery tours, art receptions to trivia nights, our goal is to showcase the great opportunities our community has to offer. I believe shopping and eating locally makes a difference and that promoting our community can only make it stronger — and along the way, we can have a lot of fun. provides all of the tools and information you need to make the most of our capital region.

See our:

Beer me

In 2015, joined by beer contributing writer Tierney and two other local beer bloggers, I co-founded Harrisburg Beer Week, benefiting Harrisburg River Rescue and Emergency Services and celebrating our vibrant and growing craft beer community.

Simultaneously, I worked with my friends at GK Visual to co-produce our first feature-length documentary on the local craft beer scene. Brewed in the Burg launched during Harrisburg Beer Week and since been viewed by thousands of people throughout the area and the state.

Brewed in the Burg – trailer from GK Visual on Vimeo.

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