Where I am

by: Sara Bozich
July 6, 2008

I’m at the beach – my first vacation in about two years – and it’s raining.

I’m not complaining. We had an unexpected great day at the beach. According to forecasts, we weren’t even supposed to SEE the sun today. So, when I awoke at 9:30 (yay for sleeping in on vacation) and the sun was bursting through my ocean-view sliding glass doors, I was thrilled.

I threw on my new swimsuit, grabbed my new sunglasses and beach bag and plopped down in my beach chair.

About an hour ago, we realized it was going to rain. The blue skies and sunshine had submitted to the looming storm clouds. But it’s already been a productive vacation. So far I finished my book, read Women’s Health, had a Coors Light and Combos for breakfast, played catch in the water with my mom and her beau – AND we just saw a neighboring fisherman pull in an 8-ft Sand Tiger Shark. (He also put him back, as is the law.)


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Weekend roundup 6/20/08

by: Sara Bozich
June 20, 2008

OK – first of all, June 20? Are you kidding me? Where is the time going? Second – c’mon people, give me a little nudge if you don’t see a new post up here. I have plenty to say. Anyway, I actually AM around this weekend. Tonight, it’s Mexican delights at El Sol then off to a colleague’s one-woman comedy show, “Oh Crap, I Forgot to Have Kids.” Here’s the lowdown on the rest of the weekend:

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