Election Day

by: Sara Bozich
November 2, 2004

I fulfilled my citizen’s duty today and voted.

I went to the voting booth around 8:20 a.m. and may have waited in line about 20 minutes or so. Time flew though, as I gabbed with Maggie from the Pep Grill – a neighbor I never knew I had.

It was almost an emotional experience. The *hot*-ness of this election has driven so many to the voting booth for the first time. I watched people of all shapes and sizes, ethnicities and classes stand in line together for a common goal.

Even if our views are not all the same, so many people recognize the importance of this election and the value of participating in the vote.

Tonight, I am heading downtown to cover locals’ reactions as the results pour in. Read on to see where.


The Beach is Always Better

by: Sara Bozich
July 20, 2004

I just finished reading Nancy Eshelman‘s current column. In it, she surveys her family for reasons why the beach is better than the ‘burg. Most are good points and items I would have mentioned on my own, like the fact that you don’t have to wear shoes.

The summer that I lived at the beach I only wore shoes when I went to work, and not a minute more.


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